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February 21, 2024

What is Business Planning?

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A CSA Business Plan is a document that captures the results of a comprehensive budget planning process and outlines the corporate investments required to effectively mitigate security risks.

A business plan is often the next step following completion of a CSA Strategic Roadmap.

CSA works with internal corporate stakeholders as well as external vendors to develop a long-term business plan that aligns security investments with the overall business strategy and culture. The business plan summarizes total investments to allow leaders to make informed decisions with the full mitigation strategy in mind.

The business plan is refined through multiple presentations until executive leadership has a comprehensive budget they can support, and Security has a long-term guidance document for their project.

CSA Business Planning Components

CSA Business Plan development includes:

  • Operating expense and capital expense estimates for specific components
  • Return on security investment
  • Cost avoidance
  • Risk mitigation estimates
  • Other supporting data relevant to each investment element

Why do I need a Business Plan?

A detailed Business Plan gives executive leadership a clear and compelling picture of the benefits and costs for their Security investment. We want clients to invest appropriately in solutions that mitigate risk, and avoid solutions that may be less effective at true risk mitigation.

When you hire CSA, you are buying an approved budget plan that’s right for your organization, rather than a single report with no follow-thru.

Establishing Risk Tolerance - Determining the Correct Level of Investment
CSA helps clients determine the right level of investment for their security concerns. Sometimes they have invested too much money, and we recommend they pull back on the level of investment.
Most of the time though, they aren't investing enough. We then help them determine the cost for a solution.
For example, if the cost of mitigation is $500,000, a client may choose to make that investment.
If that cost is instead $20 million, a client may choose to accept the risk; but they have to know the cost of mitigation in order to make that decision.
CSA helps organizations understand their risk tolerance, which in turn helps to gain budgetary approvals in line with that tolerance.

Why Should You Choose CSA?

Depth of Experience

CSA staff members have an average of 30+ years of strategic security experience. Our firm is comprised exclusively of top professionals who have built world-class security programs.

Our many areas of expertise include Security Assessment, Strategic Roadmap development, Risk and Risk Tolerance determination, Program Review, Governance, Business Planning, Executive Recruiting and Coaching, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Program Development, Security Policies and Procedures, and Program Implementation.

Our Values

We earn your trust and improve your organization’s security environment through reliability, professionalism, and honesty.

We leverage our years of practical experience and strong commitment to continuous learning to drive transformation of your security capabilities.

We are true partners, working collaboratively with you and your team to achieve your goals.

We share our security expertise to enhance protection of your business and stakeholders and elevate your security organization’s strategic value.

Our Success Rate

CSA has flawless track record helping our clients develop a business plan and gain funding approval for their security initiatives.

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A CSA Business Plan is a document that captures the results of a comprehensive budget planning process and outlines the corporate investments required to effectively mitigate security risks.
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