CSA Program Review and Assessment

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Corporate Security Advisors
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January 16, 2024

What Is a Program Review and Assessment?

A CSA Program Review is a customized examination of current security risks, programs, resources, and performance to assess department and organizational strengths and opportunities.

A Program Review includes:

  • Analysis of existing people, process, and technology
  • Assessment of the current state risks
  • Development of detailed prioritized recommendations

Through detailed analysis of the client’s current state and interviews within Security, of coordinating departments, and of C-Suite officers, CSA gathers a clear picture of the organization’s Security needs and the factors most important to the company’s executive leaders.

CSA’s assessment can identify potential risks, areas for improvement, and possibilities for consolidation and centralization if appropriate.

What is the end product?

Analysis and assessment are combined into a deliverable with recommendations, aligned with the company’s culture, mission and corporate goals. The final deliverable provides:

  • A clear understanding of the current state of the Security function and organization
  • A risk profile specific to the organization
  • Prioritized recommendations for short-term and long-term enhancements that contribute to the company objectives and organizational culture

Providing a wider field of vision

CSA’s focus isn’t on a single issue; it is on the entire organization’s security concerns, and on determining and communicating how to address those concerns in a manner that supports the overall organizational mission, vision, and goals.

We focus on programs that protect people, assets, reputation, and the business, while driving bottom-line material value for the organization.

Assessing Security With A Business Focus
CSA establishes a base-line through interviews and review of security programs, governance, organizational structure, and the approval process within your organization. Our concept for building security programs is to align those with the overall business. This results in tight alignment between primary organizational concerns and security issues, providing clear value to the organization.
Once gaps, existing initiatives, and cost concerns are assessed, CSA recommends tools and technologies that provide new and innovative capabilities, potentially reducing associated costs.
When your security program addresses the protection of people, environment, assets, and reputation along the lines of the organization's focus, you really start to have value within the organization and contribute to those business objectives.
You are then perceived as a leader who is business-minded, gaining credibility and access to resources to be able to do the things that you know need to be done to protect the organization.

Why Should You Choose CSA?

Depth of Experience

CSA staff members have an average of 30+ years of strategic security experience. Our firm is comprised exclusively of top professionals who have built world-class security programs.

Our many areas of expertise include Security Assessment, Strategic Roadmap development, Risk and Risk Tolerance determination, Program Review, Governance, Business Planning, Executive Recruiting and Coaching, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Program Development, Security Policies and Procedures, and Program Implementation.

Our Values

We earn your trust and improve your organization’s security environment through reliability, professionalism, and honesty.

We leverage our years of practical experience and strong commitment to continuous learning to drive transformation of your security capabilities.

We are true partners, working collaboratively with you and your team to achieve your goals.

We share our security expertise to enhance protection of your business and stakeholders and elevate your security organization’s strategic value.

Our Success Rate

CSA has flawless track record helping our clients develop a strategic roadmap and gain funding approval for their security initiatives.

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