The Necessity of Trust at Every Level of the Security Profession

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Corporate Security Advisors
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June 20, 2024

The Necessity of Trust at Every Level of the Security Profession: Lessons from Dave Komendat’s Career

In the realm of security, trust is the bedrock supporting the entire profession. Developed trust permeates every level, from the individual professional to the largest organizations, fostering an environment where collaboration, integrity, and effectiveness can thrive. Dave Komendat, a seasoned security professional with over 36 years of experience at Boeing, has a clear understanding of the critical role trust plays in this field. Experiences garnered during his tenure offer valuable insights into how trust shapes and sustains the security profession.

Trust Within the Team

Throughout his career, Dave has emphasized the importance of trust within his team and the broader organizational structure. "The most rewarding thing has been working with some really outstanding people through the years," Dave remarked. "I’ve had the opportunity to learn from incredible leaders and be involved in making a positive, meaningful difference in people's lives during and after difficult, critical events.".

Trust is not merely given; it is earned through a consistent demonstration of competence, communication, and integrity. Dave's experience during crisis situations highlights this. He recalls times when he had to evacuate people from dangerous situations, often using company resources, like private planes. "We never argued over how much it was going to cost to extract our people. It was “Go do what you need to do. Let us know what you need. Let us know how we can help". This level of trust from the organization allowed for swift, decisive action during critical moments.

Trust Across Organizations

In the security profession, trust extends beyond one’s immediate team or organization. Dave notes that security professionals are often willing to share information and resources with peers across companies, even competing ones. This openness is driven by a shared mission to protect people. "Security people will bend over backwards to help their peers in that competitor company because they all know that, at the end of the day, it's about protecting people."

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this collaborative spirit was especially evident. Security officers from different companies frequently communicated, benchmarking strategies and sharing best practices. "It's a very trusted community. … it's with the knowledge that you're a peer, you can trust that person.". This level of inter-company trust is unique to the security profession and underscores the collective responsibility security professionals feel towards ensuring safety.

Trust in Leadership

Dave’s career also illustrates the importance of trust between security leaders and their teams. Effective leadership in security relies heavily on the ability to trust your colleagues. "With tenure comes experience...I had the benefit of really starting out at ground zero," Dave explains. "I joined McDonnell Douglas as an intern, worked as a summer hire after that, and then was brought on as a full-time employee. A few years into my career, I was put into a two-year development program that rotated through all the different functions in our security organization."

This extensive experience allowed Dave to make informed, confident decisions. He built a network of trusted relationships within his organization, enabling him to consult with subject matter experts and gather accurate information before making critical decisions. This consultative approach not only ensured better decision-making but also reinforced trust within the team, as members felt included and valued.

Dave Komendat’s career underscores the essential role of trust at every level of the security profession. From fostering a supportive team environment and collaborating across organizations to making informed decisions as a leader and contributing to the broader community, trust is the foundation that enables security professionals to protect and serve effectively. As Dave’s experiences show, trust is not just a value, but a critical component that shapes the actions and outcomes within the security field.

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The Necessity of Trust at Every Level of the Security Profession

Dave Komendat, a seasoned security expert with over 36 years at Boeing, shares his experiences on building and sustaining trust within teams, across organizations, and in leadership roles. Discover how trust not only fosters collaboration and integrity but also drives effective decision-making in critical moments.